DM 65 - Linea di intervento B- Percorsi formativi annuali di lingua e metodologia per docenti CORSO B2

Il corso prevede la preparazione dei docenti al raggiungimento della certificazione in base ai livelli del quadro comune di riferimento europeo.

Di seguito il programma del corso - ID percorso 250082

1.      Language functions

 Initiating and maintaining the conversation 

Expressing and expanding ideas and opinions

 Highlighting advantages and disadvantages


 Giving advice

Expressing agreement and disagreement

 Eliciting further information

 Establishing common ground

2.      Grammar topics

Second and third conditionals

 Simple passive

 Used to

 Relative clauses

Modals and phrases used to give advice and make suggestions, eg should/ought to, could, you’d better Modals and phrases used to express possibility and uncertainty, eg may, might, I’m not sure

Discourse connectors, eg because of, due to

Present perfect continuous tense

 Past perfect tense

 Reported speech

 Linking expressions, eg even though, in spite of, althoug

3.       Conversation topics

 Society and living standards

 Personal values and ideals

 The world of work

 National environmental concern

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